Open letter to my toxic colleagues

There is a very slim chance that any of you will ever read this. Still, there are things that must be said and the world has the right to know. Regardless of how much you enjoy being in a state of denial, I see you struggle daily with mysterious symptoms. By now, you already know that the substances you use (provided by the company which you are allowed not to use) contain toxic chemicals. You know this because your union keeps reminding you, and because of communication from the company. You know this because so many of your co workers and friends are severely ill although they hadn’t been before. You see it every single day as workers are rushed to the ER in the middle of a shift because you are with them when they experience chest pains and difficulty breathing. There is no excuse. You are the reason for them being hospitalized as they inhale the toxic substances that you use. There is no denying it. The information is readily available. These toxic substances are scientifically, without a shadow of doubt, proven to be known human carcinogens. If you don’t believe me, ask Siri, ask Google, ask the CDC or ask the WHO. There is not lack of evidence, only stubborn minds.

Nothing ever happens in isolation. Everything in this universe is connected in one way or another. There is a reason for your “sudden” aches, pains, mucus, rashes, eye problems, hormone abnormalities, infertility, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and hundreds of other new health problems that you are experiencing and choosing to ignore. That growth on your neck or burn on your hand is something you may be able to dismiss as you seem to dismiss it in others, but it is not invisible. Healthy people radiate. It is clear for anyone who knows the signs. Do you think it is a coincidence that in the past 2 weeks alone 5 among you (that I know of) exhibited signs of toxicity through kidney damage, from chronic pain to complete failure? Do you know that kidneys are the main toxin eliminating organ of the body? There is a reason that people and animals are dying around you, you are contributing to the death toll. It is not going to be publicized anywhere and only if you pay very close attention you will connect these specific dots. Maybe you really don’t know how harmful these toxins are, but I find it very hard to believe in the age of information. I find it harder to believe in your line of work. If there is anything that we as employees are good at, it’s chatter. The most consistent activity that happens every day at work is gossip.

This comes not only from a place of concern, but also a place of deep rooted anger, rage if you will. You are not only choosing to poison yourselves, you are choosing to poison others. In that you are not only accessories to the crime of a multi billion dollar corporation, you are also a culprit. Your lives and other people’s lives are in your hands. When you use toxic chemicals around other innocent unsuspecting human beings, you are knowingly putting them in danger too. You are not only self sabotaging in your self destructive ways, you are actively ruining the lives of many others around you; physically, mentally, and financially. Those affected are possibly even your family members, your pets (many of which who died as well and many others who are severely ill), your friends, or innocent victims that happen to be around you. I am not going to even address the cross contamination and the damage you are causing the environment. There is cruelty to all forms of life in your actions.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the thought of my seniority going up, eventually, once the chemicals are gone and I am able to return to work. And oh, it drastically will, once your toxic threshold is met too, and you are plagued with the same debilitating illness that I am fighting or worse. Your lack of awareness now indicates you will not know how to fight it off later. I really hope you are able to realize what is happening before it is too late. I am so thankful that my body responded immediately to those toxins, signaling to me that something was very wrong. I am one of the luckiest ones as I learned now more than I ever had and will avoid these toxins at all cost. I am facing one hell of a fight to regain my back health no thanks to you, but at least I am doing everything in my power to live a toxic free life. It is a decision, you see, everything in life is. Toxicity buildup is lethal whether you acknowledge it or not. What you do with that is up to you. My hope is that you open your eyes and listen to the minority of your co workers pleading and begging you to stop using the toxins. You choose to look away now? Well don’t come crying on my shoulder when you are one of us. Toxins do not discriminate. Don’t expect my sympathy because you will not get it any more than I am receiving yours right now. Yes, this sounds cold, but your actions are even colder, and not heading to our advice means you are simply committing slow painful suicide.




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